This was my first attempt at a monthly photo scavenger hunt, and I failed miserably. Oops! So I've decided to combine some old photos w...

Scavenger Hunt: August

This was my first attempt at a monthly photo scavenger hunt, and I failed miserably. Oops! So I've decided to combine some old photos with the few that I did manage to take this month.

The view of the city on a walk through Nose Hill Park.

The horizontal markings on a Red River Hoglet.

Square/rectangle viewing windows at a nature reserve.

Black and white alpacas.

The rough dry skin of a toad hiding away in an old plant pot.

A view of the Bow River from the Peace Bridge.

Nothing makes me happier than how colourful nature can be.

A sinking boat in Ouseburn, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

A herd of Jacob sheep.

Definitely not taken this month, although we did have a bit of snow/sleet one day this month in Calgary, eeek.

A friendly lemur at a wildlife park. It was quite happy just to sit and people watch.

Whatever you want
A shot of the river water on a hot, sunny day.

If you want to join in as well, check out Made With Love for September's list.

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  1. Welcome to our scavenger hunt, Lisa. The moment I saw Nose Hill Park, I nearly fell off my chair ~ Calgary!!! And the Bow River for bow made me smile! Two of my sisters live off Bow Drive and I've been by the Bow River many times. Colorless made me laugh, because I heard about that August snowfall. Cute little hog lest too. Happy hunting in September!

    1. Hello, and thank you for the lovely welcome. I just moved to Calgary in June, so it's been nice exploring the city. The world is such a small place, it's amazing how people can be connected!

  2. Hello, it's great to meet you. I loved seeing your beautiful photos. The one for "joy" is amazing! Sending you wishes from southern California. Pat :)

    1. Hi Pat, it's lovely to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to have a look. I think if I had to pick a favourite, it would definitely be Joy!

  3. It's OK to use photos taken previously, we're all busy and some months it's easier than others. You've got some great shots here, the toad is brilliant and I also like Bow. See you next month?

    1. Oh good, I didn't fail so miserably then haha. I'll definitely see you next month, I've really enjoying giving it a go.

  4. Welcome and thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I really like your photos of colourless, forgotten rough and bow. Well I think they are all great. Greenthumb

  5. Colorless, boat and moth/butterfly. Those are incredible. I've been most impressed with everyone's selection for colorless. Yours included. I had to invent mine.

  6. Helloooo thanks for popping by my little bit of the tinternet! I have to say I just fell deeply for that Red River hog let. Tooooooooo cute! Gorgeous photography lady x

  7. Beautiful selection of photographs....Love the forgotten boat.


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