Christmas is just around the corner, so here's list of gifts you might want to give to friends and family who love nature and the o...

Christmas Gift Guide for Nature Lovers

Christmas is just around the corner, so here's list of gifts you might want to give to friends and family who love nature and the outdoors.

Wildlife Trusts - £10+
The Wildlife Trusts offer an array of adoptions from Bumblebees to a flock of Sheep, and even the possibility to adopt trees and woodland. One of the cutest options is the Dormouse, with different adoption packs including gift cards and certificates, or cuddly toys.

Greenhouse Senstion - £21.99
This bee and bug house is the perfect option for those who want to try and attract more wildlife to their garden. The biome comes with a free bee guide and free wildflower seeds. It aims to attract ladybirds, lacewings, and solitary bees to your flowers.

Etsy - £20
This lovely print is ideal for helping to identify birds visiting the garden. The artist also sells prints of British Woodland Animals, Bees of Britain, and British Wild Flowers.

Bird Food - £11.99
Another one for the bird lovers is a pack of three festive suet balls, perfect for the colder months.

The Works - £3
This colouring book, aimed at adults, has over 80 pages of hand-drawn illustrations of trees, landscapes and leaves.

Eden Project - £8.95
This gift set contains a twin metal planter (available in cream, red, purple, and green), four coir compost disks, and a mix of wildflower seeds to encourage bees and butterflies.

HomeArama - £25+
A S'well Bottle would be the perfect gift for the explorer in your life. Available in an array of sizes and finishes, they claim to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12. The opening is wide enough to fit ice cubes in easily, and a large bottle can hold an entire bottle of wine... need I say more?

Etsy - £4
A lot of the time I've found that Christmas candles can smell a bit overpowering, so why not give someone the gift of a festive looking beeswax candle with a faint scent of honey. Not only that, beeswax candles are believed to produce negative ions that act as natural air cleaners.

Amazon - £4.94
A fun way to learn about nature, this 224-page book contains information and beautiful illustrations about a variety of subjects, such as the life cycle of a salmon, the anatomy of jellyfish, and how fossils are formed.

National Trust - £30 (13-25 years), £60 (26+)
There are over 500 National Trust sites to explore, so the gift of a membership might just give that special someone the push they need to get out there and start exploring.

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