Weaner Pigs

Since my last post two of the kittens died. The black one died first, we decided he couldn't be buried without a name, so we called him Blue. When the second died a week later, we called him Red and buried him next to his brother. 
So now we're left with one big fluffball, who is a total sun worshipper. 

If I thought I'd had my fill of death, I was wrong. In the courtyard are the weaners. Sixteen pigs who, up until a few weeks ago, had never been outside due to the bad weather. Everything is relatively new to them and they like nothing more than to chase each other around. But on this particular day they were making more of a ruckus than usual. I went to investigate. It turns out that they'd got bored of playing chase between themselves. They wanted to play catch... with a chicken. The poor bird was surrounded and they were biting and throwing her up in the air. 
Usually I'd say it's more hassle than its worth trying to get in between a herd of pigs and their food, but the noise the chicken and her chicken friends were making was too much. I hopped the gate and forced my way through, her whole back end had been chewed off, so I put her out of her misery and gave her back to the pigs. 
It must have been like Christmas for them, within five minutes one was running around with the head, another with the wings, another with a foot. 

Pigs are strange creatures. 

They get fed anything and everything here. Eggs, bread, fish, pineapples. If they can get it in their mouths, they'll eat it. 

The cats get their fair share of the food as well.

The same day as a the chicken fiasco I rescued a blackbird that had got his foot stuck in some twine. So hopefully that good deed makes up for the chicken murder?

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  1. Tales like this just show it's not all fun and rosie living with animals some days, hope the little kitten is doing well..
    Amanda xx

  2. We city people are use to sanitized type of animal interaction.
    But as beautiful as the country is there is death and destruction and life.
    Your small one is a fluffy ball of cute. I hope she survives.

    cheers, parsnip


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